Live Sound

I have a 1000w Yamaha PA for wedding receptions mostly. It can be used for any type of party or live sound application like amplifying a band for instance.
Pricing: $300/5 hours.
Includes: Setup and Transportation, running mixer, timing events, and communications with event coordinators.
Gear Available:
1. Wireless hand-held mic.
2. Wireless lapel mic.
3. Corded Mics.
4. 1 Yamaha 1000w Amplifier.
5. 2 Yamaha Speaker Towers (Two 15″ woofers and 1 horn Tweeter)
6. 2 Yamaha Speakers (One 15″ Woofer and 1 horn Tweeter)
Photo Soon to Come 8-28-2018
Please contact me through the contact page. Thanks, Shane